I Wanna Know How It Feels by Karen Peck & New River

Verse 1.
My momma and daddy talked about going home
Since I was just a babe on their knees
They said that nothing compared to what was waiting up
there how one day we would finally be free
Well, I’ve never seen it but I keep on believing it
will be a place like I’ve never known
I keep my eyes on the sky ’cause my soul wants to fly
Lord, my heart is ready to go

I want to know how it feels
To make my way down the streets of gold
I want to know how it feels
To have a talk with the saints of old
I want to know what it’s like
To rest my feet by the River of Life
I’ve heard of heaven and I know that it’s real
I want to know how it feels

Verse 2

Sometimes I get weary from this life that I live
It seems that peace is something I’ll never find
I try to lighten my load when all that I’ve got to show
is seven hundred things on my mind
Well, I’m seeing visions of a crystal clear river
where sin’s forgotten without a trace
More than I’ve ever dreamed my eyes long to see the
look of love on my Savior’s face

This is the song in my heart .  Lord, I wanna know how it feels to live with you forever in heaven. To see you face to face, to hug you and to say that I love you. I wanna be for you forever and this is my only desire. I LOVE YOU, JESUS !!

credit to the owner of this video. 🙂

A Lost Friend

You choose to walk away rather than to stay
Even though you left your first love
I see the sadness in your eyes
But you showed me a smile.

You’ve changed a lot I guess
It’s been a month we haven’t seen each other
You always have a part in my heart
You’ve become an important person to me.

Those emotions that clashed,
That ruined everything, I know
You have been through a lot
But for now my friend,

Lets walked in the faith we have
And I hope we see each other again.
Thank you, My Love!

Where am I?

Where am I?
I am standing behind
watching everyone rejoicing

Where am I?
I am standing behind
Letting my emotions ruin me.

Where am I?
I was left behind while
everyone is growing so fast

then suddenly I asked myself,

Who am I?
It is just a glimpse
I forgot myself already.